How can we work together?

Are you a goal setter? Every year, I take time to reflect on key areas in both my personal and professional life that I want to improve on.  Then I break those down into quarterly and monthly [...]


Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Today I want to talk about the big “D” word…DEBT! I find in today’s world there is so much shame and anxiety around debt. However, when used correctly, debt can actually be your friend when it [...]


Be Brave!

How has your summer been so far? Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather and did you get a chance to travel anywhere? If you’re a parent, are you enjoying the time off with your kids or are [...]


Spring into New Experiences!

Happy Spring!! Personally, I love the month of March.  Not only is it filled with many family birthdays (including mine!), it’s also typically when we start to see the cold of winter melting away [...]


Investing in Real Estate using RRSPs

It’s RRSP season:  that time of year where Canadians look to top up or maximize their RRSP contributions for the previous tax year. But besides just figuring out how much to contribute to your [...]