Be Brave!

How has your summer been so far?

Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather and did you get a chance to travel anywhere?

If you’re a parent, are you enjoying the time off with your kids or are you looking forward to sending them back-to-school?

Personally, this past month has been quite busy for me:  we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our Hamilton flip project, preparing for the closing of our next project in Welland, and also been exploring some international investing opportunities.

And amongst all that, I’ve been balancing work with spending these last few precious weeks of summer with the kids.

We’ve especially enjoyed many outings to Canada’s Wonderland.  Now that my boys are older, it’s a lot more fun as we get to all go on bigger rides – some that even challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and be brave!


Speaking about bravery – have you ever wanted to do something new and have just been held back by fear?  I think we’ve all experienced this feeling more than once – so what was it that gave you the courage to move forward?

Personally, it actually took me YEARS before I decided to finally take action and start investing in real-estate.

I got stuck in analysis paralysis, and fear of not everything being “perfect”.

I was still scared when I purchased my first investment in 2018, a duplex conversion in Hamilton, and would treat every “issue” that came up as a “failure”.

In retrospect, those “issues” were actually a normal part of the process, and something that wouldn’t even phase me today, which proves just how much I’ve grown.

I’m SO grateful that I decided to start investing in Hamilton a few years back, as it is one of my favourite properties: great cash-flow, amazing tenants, and the property has appreciated so much in just a few short years!


All I needed to do was be BRAVE and START.

What I’ve learned over the years is that even with all the education and research, I’ll never know “everything” and things are rarely going to be perfect – it’s actually through taking action that I will learn and grow in the process.


So, what’s one thing that you’ve been meaning to start and have just been too afraid to take the first step?

I would love to hear examples from your life’s journey so please reach out to let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy these last few days of summer holidays!


~ Elizabeth

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