Are you SICK AND TIRED of all these Canadian TAXES?

I sure am!!! 🤬

As a real-estate investor, here are some reasons why:

❌ 23% increase in federal carbon tax (and don’t forget the additional HST we are charged on top of that tax).
❌ Increase in the capital gains inclusion rate to 2/3rds (applies to gains over $250k for individuals and ALL capital gains for corporations).
❌ Increased and new reporting requirements (such as UHT / Bare Trust reporting, which even caused confusion at the CRA)

Add all these increased costs to:
❌ Rent control.
❌ A lengthy eviction process.
❌ Landlord Tenant Board delays (often several months).
❌ More tenant-favouring laws such as the new Renter’s Bill of Rights.

This environment is not one I want to continue to invest in.

That is why I started investing internationally, such as Florida.
✅ Favourable tax environment.
✅ No rent control.
✅ Landlord-friendly laws.
✅ Affordable investment properties.
✅ And let’s not forget the Sun ☀️, Sand 🏖, and Palm Trees 🌴!

Are you ready to invest in the Sunshine State too?

Let’s turn your investment dreams into reality together. I’m here to help you take the next step towards seizing the opportunities awaiting you in the Sunshine State. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Until next time,
Happy Investing!
~ Elizabeth

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