Do you Invest in Yourself?

Greetings from the Sunshine State! ☀️

I am currently down in Orlando with the Snowbird Investors for our annual 7-Day Field Training. 

We are down here looking and analyzing properties all over Central Florida, making offers and helping our members to purchase their first (or next) investment property in Florida. 🏡

These are students that have invested in themselves to be here and participate in this unique experience. 

I strongly believe in personal development and investing in mentorships, training and coaching. Over the years, I have kept investing in myself so that I could continue growing and scaling. 

Currently, I am excited to have joined a program where I am learning how to invest and purchase self-storage facilities, which is my next level of growth. 

How are you investing in yourself? Are you interested in learning more about coaching or partnering together in order to grow your real estate investing portfolio?

Until next time,
Happy Investing!
~ Elizabeth

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