RRSPs and International Investment Opportunities

Greetings from Greece!

I’m currently in Santorini checking in on our family property, a charming small hotel nestled on this iconic island. It’s strange to be here in the winter months and to witness how quiet this island gets, as I’m used to seeing Santorini streets full of action and bustling with tourists.  

Since my childhood, I have created so many wonderful memories here, and I am so grateful that I’m able to continue enjoying this vacation / investment property, all while mixing business with pleasure. 

One of my dreams has always been to travel and live a cross-border lifestyle, and getting to visit Florida and Greece as part of my real-estate investing business has turned that vision into a reality.  

Do you ever think:  I would love to have an investment property that doubles as a personal vacation home?

Well, did you know that there are strategies where you can utilize your RRSPs and other registered funds to own and invest in real estate abroad?

Whether it’s soaking up the sun or conducting business, an international property offers endless possibilities and your gateway to living a cross-border lifestyle.  

Curious to learn more about leveraging your RRSPs for international investments?

Let’s connect and discuss how we can turn your lifestyle aspirations into reality!

~ Elizabeth

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